FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


I am class representative

That means that I represent and speak for my class and participate in all the meetings scheduled.

I can’t do sport

I need to send or hand in a medical note to excuse me to do physical education to my pedagogical advisor. Nevertheless, I should attend PE class.

If I have a mistake in my timetable

I should contact the timetable team (room 102A). Contact

If I arrive late but justified

I have to present the justification to my pedagogical advisor.

If I have to leave school earlier than my timetable allows me to

My parents or legal representatives should send an email informing my pedagogical advisor who will authorise my departure and justify my absences.

If I forgot my school card

Without a Green card, I am not allowed to leave school. If my parents or legal representatives send the pedagogical advisor an email asking permission to leave school, I will be granted authorisation to exit.

If I have a problem with my locker

I should contact Mrs. Vadillo in the pedagogical advisor’s office.

If I was absent from school

All my absences should be justified to my pedagogical advisor by email, as soon as possible. In case of absences due to illness for more than 2 days in a row, a medical certificate or a doctor’s note is required.

If the period of absence is the days before or after a school holidays, a special permission should be asked by my parents or legal representatives to the Deputy Director (Mr. Hernández), at least with 1 week in advance.  

If a teacher is absent

I should wait at least 5 minutes for the replacement teacher and, if no replacement is scheduled, I should go to my study room and wait from instructions from the pedagogical advisors.

If I have a free period in my timetable

If I am a S1 student, I am under the direct responsibility of my pedagogical advisor, or in the study room, the ICT room or library.

If I am a S2-S7 student, I may stay at the library, my study room and the exterior of the secondary building.

If I feel ill at school

I should go to my educational advisor which will send me to the school nurse. The nurse will evaluate the situation and, if needed, my parents will be contacted.

If I lost some objects – lost and found

I should contact Mrs. Vadillo in the pedagogical advisor’s office.

If I want to see the school psychologist

I should contact my educational advisor which will schedule a meeting always respecting my privacy and discretion.

If I need help

I can talk with any person that he can trust which will find the best solution to the problem.

Who is my pedagogical advisor and how can I contact him/her

Access by here to contact the corresponding pedagogical advisor 

What is the Green card and how can I use it?

The green card allows me to arrive later than the 1st period and/or to leave before 16:15.

To be issued a green card the following conditions should be met:

  1. Not using the school BUS service;
  2. Living nearby the school grounds;
  3. The card should be asked by the student’s parents or legal representatives;

We can also get a Green card with permission to leave during lunch break

I have lost my school card. How can I get a new one?

I should send an email to Mrs. Pilar Vadillo.

How can I get a locker?

My family should fill in and sent the electronic form. Then, I should hand in the proof of payment to Mrs. Pilar Vadillo in the pedagogical advisor’s office.

How and where can I enroll in the extracurricular activities?

I should contact the Secondary Secretariat.

May I bring to school my mobile phone and other electronic devices?

The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices is authorised during classes when a teacher or a pedagogical advisor grant permission. If not granted, it is strictly forbidden to use it in class, library and in the canteen where the mobile phones should be disconnected at all times.

During break time, pedagogical advisors and teachers will supervise any misuse of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

May I enter the school grounds with my skateboard?

No, skateboards are not allowed inside school grounds.

May I bring my bicycle/scooter to school?

Yes, I can bring my bicycle/scooter to school. I have to park her/him inside in the parking near the gym.

The school denies all responsibility for stolen and damaged bicycles/scooters according article 34 of the European School General Rules.

May I record videos and/or audio, take potos inside the school?

No, recording and taking photos inside the school is not allowed. For pedagogical activities and dully justified by a teacher, authorisation maybe given.