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“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.”  John Dewey

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My name is Katre Mehine. I am from Estonia and am the Deputy Director of Nursery and Primary cycle.

Acting and working with children is my true passion. I have been working in the educational field over 20 years. I have worked in the national educational system as well as in the European Schools system as a teacher, a director, an inspector, and a head of delegation. It is my great honor to belong to a team of wonderful and highly professional staff in the European School of Alicante.

The European School of Alicante is proud to offer our pupils multilingual and multicultural education by a committed and experienced professional teaching staff, drawn from many EU countries. It is the utmost importance of our dedicated staff to offer and ensure:

  • high quality of teaching and learning,
  • creative and supportive atmosphere,
  • safety and well-being of pupils.

Teachers encourage children to be independent learners in an open atmosphere, where every child is respected and supported. In our school pupils are always a priority. We encourage dreaming and achieving, and consider curiosity and creativity as the engine of learning.

The European School of Alicante staff encourages family involvement in all facets of school life. The role of parents in the education of their children cannot be overestimated. Teachers and parents share joint responsibility for helping each child develop their talents and abilities. Consequently, strong partnerships are built between the home and school environment. With the support of the staff and families, our pupils explore, express and excel academically and creatively. Together as a school community we build on the traditions of the past and meet the challenges of the future in innovative and exciting ways.

I hope you find our website informative. If you require any further information about the nursery and primary cycle, please feel welcome to contact us directly.

Katre Mehine



Mrs Evelyn Olivier