Language sections


The European School of Alicante has four language sections:





The School Management reserves the right to determine the child’s dominant language/mother tongue and to choose the appropriate language section, in accordance with Article 47 e) of the General Rules of the European Schools.

All language sections follow the specific harmonized programmes of the European Schools, with exception of the LI programme.

The harmonised programmes are identical and subject to the same assessment requirements. These programmes are updated and supervised by the Education Inspectors of the member countries in charge of the European Schools.


SWALS pupils

  • The School cannot provide language sections for all the official languages of the European Union. According to the General Rules of the European Schools, pupils whose section corresponding to their mother tongue/dominant language does not exist, should, in principle, be enrolled in one of the following language sections: French, English or German.

    However, at the European School in Alicante, they may also be enrolled in the Spanish language section, on the condition that the pupil's language II is one of the vehicular languages EN, FR or DE.

  • The pupil will be taught in their mother tongue/dominant language (LI), especially organized for pupils called SWALS (Student Without A Language Section).
  • From Early Education (nursery) until year 7 in Secondary, SWALS pupils receive Language I (LI) classes, provided that the School has, or can contract, a qualified teacher, duly accepted by the Inspectorate of Education of the European Schools.
  • For a pupil to be enrolled as a SWALS pupil, it is compulsory that the parents have a meeting with the Deputy Head of the corresponding cycle, in order to establish the selection of host language, mother tongue and language II. The purpose of this meeting is also to inform parents of the organization of these classes.
  • The School Management reserves the right to determine the child’s dominant language/mother tongue. In case of doubt, the Management may carry out a test to determine the pupil’s language skills.