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PsychologyMental health and psychological well-being

The main function of the Psychology Department at the European School of Alicante is to contribute effectively to the achievement of educational objectives at all levels by promoting mental health, coexistence and well-being in the school context.

The fields of intervention, both individual and collective, cover the Teaching-Learning Process, the promotion of Psychological Well-being and prosociality during all stages, and School and Vocational Guidance in the final stages of secondary education.

The functions performed can be classified into four areas:

  1. Prevention and early detection through the development of collective programmes that promote efficient and healthy habits or strategies in different areas, and the Identification of risk groups (collective screening tests, sociograms, observation, workshops, group dynamics, etc.)
  2. Assessment and identification of needs (general development, intelligence, school attitudes and aptitudes, personality, adaptive behaviours, etc.)
  3. Differential diagnosis and orientation of cases (specific learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, school failure, bullying, depression, professional counselling, speech disorders, etc.).
  4. Assistance or direct intervention.

The team is made up of three health psychologists, with training in educational psychology and psycho-pedagogical guidance, speech therapy, psychodiagnosis and mental health in children and young people:


Ms. Sophie Karen

Tel. +34. 965.161.188


Mrs. Rosa M. Limiñana

Ms. Elena Soriano

Tel. +34. 965.151.003

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