• The European Schools do not allow pre-enrolments and do not have a waiting list either.
  • Category I and II pupils may request admission at any moment of the school year.
  • Category III pupils can only request admission during the enrolment period which will be published here along the month of February: Please click here to check the enrolment period


Pupils of the European Schools are divided into three categories as follows:

Category I: Pupils whose parents belong to a European institution or similar organisation are recruited directly and continuously for a minimum period of one year. These pupils are exempt from paying the "minerval" (school fees).

Category II: Pupils admitted by means of a contract signed by a company or organisation, in which they agree to pay expenses equivalent to the real cost of the education of the pupils concerned.

Category III: Pupils who do not belong to Categories I or II. These pupils are admitted according to the available places, within the limits set by the regulations of the European Schools. Families are responsible for paying the “minerval” (school fees) set annually by the Board of Governors of the European Schools.

For more information on the different categories, please click here

Age conditions

  • Admission into the Nursery school takes place at the beginning of the school year in September of the civil year in which the child reaches 4 years of age.
  • Admission into the first class of Primary takes place at the beginning of the school year in September of the civil year in which the child reaches 6 years of age.
  • Entry into the classes which follow are, in principle, subject to the same conditions of age, increased by the number of years corresponding to the class.
  • In principle, no pupil may be admitted to the School if they are two years (three years for the classes 4 to 6 of the Secondary) older than the normal age for the class required.

Check which class your child should be enrolled in, according to the education system of the Member State of origin by consulting the following document “table of equivalences of teaching levels”.

Language sections

The European School of Alicante (ESA) has four language sections: German, Spanish, French and English. 

The request for an inscription in a language section must be done according to the mother tongue or dominant language and the School Management may organise comparative language tests or subject tests considered necessary, also for inscriptions in Nursery cycle.

For further information, please read Art. 47 e) of the General Rules of the European Schools.

School fees

For information on school fees and payment methods, please click here.

Pupils already enrolled in the School

Pupils currently enrolled do not need to repeat the process of enrolment for the following school year.


Category I

For families from EUIPO and other European Institutions, please contact the Director’s Assistant, Beatriz Font.

 (+34) 965.155.610


Category II

Please, contact the Director’s Assistant, Beatriz Font.

 (+34) 965.155.610


Category III - Families WITHOUT siblings at school

CLOSED TERM FOR ENROLMENTS OF THE SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022: From 22.03 to 6.04 (12.00)

NOTE: We inform families who have applied for a place within the registration period, that the School will communicate the decision of admission or non-admission in writing, via e-mail, as soon as possible.

Please avoid contacting the School for this issue and kindly wait to receive a reply. Thank you for your cooperation.

Applications after the enrolment period will not be considered.

No open days, no appointments for information and no visits to buildings & premises are organised by the school.