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It is a competition organised by and for the European Schools, which is held every two years and aims to promote sport as a healthy way of occupying leisure time, as well as to encourage coexistence and exchange between European schools. The competition is based on different sporting activities selected by the organising school.


  • Two single-sex team sports tournaments. The host school must announce its choice of 2 of the following 4 team sports: basketball, volleyball, small-sided football and handball before the end of the previous EUROSPORT school year (same sports for boys and girls).
  • 3 doubles / 3 mixed doubles for badminton or table tennis (as set out in rules 7.5.1. and 7.6.1.)
  • 10 girls and 10 boys for aquathlon.

*The rules for each sport are described in the "Eurosport handbook" below.


  1. Technical-tactical level in team sport 1*.
  2. Technical-tactical level in team sport 2*.
  3. Technical-tactical level in badminton or table tennis (at the choice of the organising school).
  4. Personal record in aquathlon (750 mtrs. run - 50 mtrs. swim - 250 mtrs. run).
  5. Involvement in training and preparatory activities for Eurosport proposed by the subject.
  6. No physical or psychological contraindication for the practice of high intensity sports.
  7. Positive attitude and behaviour during their academic development at the School.
  8. Active, positive participation and respect for "fair play" in the subject of Physical Education.
  9. Ability to work cooperatively and to encourage team spirit. 
  10. Ability to represent our school abroad in a positive and respectful way with the values of collaboration and interculturalism.

*Chosen by the organising school from among basketball, volleyball, football and handball.

For more information, please consult the documents available below: