Absences pupils


  1. Parents or guardians must inform the school during first period with an email or with a phone call to the appropriate pedagogical advisor. A phone call must be followed up by a written confirmation (email) to the pedagogical advisor. Please attach supporting documents when possible.

  2. You must present a doctor’s note if you are absent for more than two days.
  3. A doctor’s note is compulsory if you miss a test or exam.
  4. For absences on personal ground, we remind you the rules of the European schools (2014-03-D-14-en-3 article 30 c)

Only the Director may give a pupil permission to be absent from school. Except in cases of force majeure, the pupil’s legal representatives must apply for such permission at least one week in advance. Applications must be made in writing, indicating the period of absence and giving reasons. Permission may be granted for a maximum of two days plus reasonable travelling time. Except in cases of force majeure, permission may not be granted for the week preceding or the week following school holiday periods or public holidays. In the case of the death of a close relative, a longer absence may be permitted".

For particular situations, please always consult the school direction.

If you do not follow these rules:

Your absence will be considered as unauthorised and sanctioned in accordance with the General Rules of the European schools.

If you miss a test or exam without a doctor’s note or the previous authorization of the Director, the test will be marked with a “0”.


For further information concerning Absences please read the document "Abridged secondary school rules" that you will find below: