Educational training "Work experience"


Educational Training “Work experience” was first introduced at the München School in 1984 and after several years became an established part of the careers programme for year 5 pupils. The programme has now been adopted by many of the European schools and its importance is recognized by the Board of Governors

Duration and participation

All pupils in year 5 must take part in the scheme, which lasts a minimum of two weeks. It is now arranged after the June written examinations and includes the week of the Oral Baccalaureate examinations. Pupils are not allowed to receive payment for their educational training work experience.


  1. To provide an experience in a pupil’s chosen work environment.
  2. To form attitudes as a support to career choice and to enhance personal development.
  3. To develop language and communication skills outside the school.
  4. To develop observation and social skills.
  5. To stimulate the process of career choice and introspection.
  6. To support the development of personal attributes such as reliability, punctuality, initiative, willingness, flexibility, and tolerance.