Uniform - Sportswear


Pupils of the European School must wear the physical education uniform during:

  • Physical education classes
  • Excursions


Early Education and Primary
Babi Obligatory in Early Education
Shorts Obligatory in Early Education and Primary
Polo or short-sleeved T-shirt At least one is obligatory in both cycles
Long trousers Obligatory in both cycles
Sweatshirt Optional
Long-sleeved T-shirt Optional


Polo or short-sleeved T-shirt Only S1, S2, S3 students will have to wear the uniform during Physical Education classes

Where to buy it

Contact El Corte Inglés directly at the following address and/or phone number:

Avda. Maisonave, 53 – Edif. de Moda

3ª planta (moda infantil)

Departamento de colegios

03003 Alicante

Tlf. 965 921 001 Ext. 2290

(*) EUIPO’s staff can make their orders at the premises of El Corte Inglés, situated in their office.

For further information regarding models, sizes and orders, please visit the following link: https://www.elcorteingles.es/uniformes/alicante/alicante/escuela-europea-de-alicante/